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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Loney's Erratic Behavior and latest Dodger news and links

I don’t know what is up with James Loney.  Reports of his traffic accident and arrest seem so distant from the respectful model citizen, and hard working first baseman that we have known during his period as a Dodger.  I almost believe his dd behavior on Nov. 14th may have been triggered by something that wasn’t under his control.  Was it a seizure?  Perhaps the blow to his head was the problem.  Maybe we’ll get some answers soon.

I must admit though, Loney’s recent behavior this off-season at a radio station and his hob-nobbing with controversial troubled actor  Charlie Sheen is of concern.  Something is off-kilter with Loney.  That’s three odd incidents in the month of November from a guy that was never involved in controversy before.   You can read about it at Roberto Baly’s VSIMHB site LINKED HERE

In other Dodger related news:

Jon Weisman's Dodgerthoughts.com reports that 37 year old  Hidecki “Godzilla” Matsui is on the radar of Ned Colletti now.
Matsui was relegated to the role of DH with Oakland last season, starting only 27 games in left field on 2011.  In 583 plate appearances he had a stat line of:  .252 BA/ .361 OBP/ .820 OPS / 12 HR / 72 RBI.
A signing of Matsui would probably mean that Tony Gwynn Jr. will be gone.  The outfield will be made up of Ethier, Kemp, Rivera, Matsui and Jerry Sands.  

Actor Chadwick Boseman to play Jackie Robinson in upcoming motion picture
"42," a motion picture on the Jackie Robinson/Branch Rickey story is in the works with Harrison Ford to play the role of the Dodger executive and Chadwick Boseman as Robinson.  Initially Robert Redford was slated to be involved in the project, Announced in April of this year.  This latest  MLB.com article makes no mention of Redford.  

The latest news that the Angels have signed a TV deal with Fox paying them $3 billion over twenty years explains how they could afford that massive contract with Pujols.  Angel TV Deal announced

What does this mean the Dodgers will get when they negotiate a TV deal?  Dare we say $4 billion over 20 years?  If that's the case, does that mean McCourt will really go away?


  1. "A signing of Matsui would probably mean that Tony Gwynn Jr. will be gone. The outfield will be made up of Ethier, Kemp, Rivera, Matsui and Jerry Sands."

    Not so sure about that. Kemp is the only guy of that group who can play center field. The Dodgers would be foolish not to have another OF'er who could play CF.

    Hairston could do it in a pinch, I guess, but he's only played 139 games there in his career (25 total from 2009 to 2011).

  2. Good point Dustin. I hope you're right because I thought Gwynn was a valuable addition to the club last year, saving a few games with spectacular catches and providing a lot of speed off the bench. Sands needs ABs and I don't see him getting them, especially if Matsui is signed. Ned and his infatuation with over the hill vets is very frsutrating. How many does he need? (Kennedy, Hairston, Uribe, M. Ellis, Rivera and now Matsui) It never ends.