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Thursday, December 8, 2011

In Your Face Angels! We Got Harang!

As the Angels announce the blockbuster signings of CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols for $300 million plus, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced the signing of Aaron Harang to a 2 year (plus vesting option for a third) deal.
So just when you realize that the Angels are back in the headlines, the Dodgers steal some Halo thunder from them by announcing that Dana Eveland was dealt for two prospects to the Orioles.  One of the prospects coming, Jarret Martin, is a left starter with some upside.
Gotcha Anaheim!  I guess Kendrys Morales may be on the block now.
USA Today’s Bob Nightengale announced that Miami offered Pujols $275 million, meaning that Pujols left $20 million on the table to not play in Florida.  Additionally, with no state tax in Florida, he actually is out about $50 million by signing with the Anaheim club.
Things are blowing up in Miami.  Two days ago, it looked like they would have Jose Reyes, Pujols and Hanley Ramirez in the infield.  Now, Ramirez is demanding a trade and they may end up with only the injury prone and erratic Reyes at short.
There is a lot of baseball news today.  A few bullet points:

  • With the announcement today, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texas Rangers made an impressive push to sign Prince Fielder and win out on the bidding process for Japanese pitching sensation, Yu Darvish.

  • Then again, wouldn’t it be interesting if the Cardinals now entered the bidding for Prince Fielder.

  • One thing that is certain though, Matt Kemp’s $160 million, eight year deal looks a lot better now.  A 27 year old whose contract expires when he reaches age 35.  Pujols will be 42 when his 10 year deal is up.  We’ll see how good a deal it is when he reaches age 37 and 38.

  • TMZ has an story of an ugly incident that reports James Loney crashing his Masarati into two cars on November 15th.  He apparently didn’t cooperate with police, tested negatively for drugs and alcohol, spit on a police officer and was engaged in some surprising behavior.  There’s probably much more to the story, but it doesn’t look good, especially when you consider he could easily have not been tendered a contract.

  • How can the Angels afford to spend over $300 million on two players today?  Its the TV Contract, something that Dodgers are counting on to allow them to dip into the free agent market in the future.

  • Torii Hunter on Jim Rome radio show:  “When I heard the news about Pujols, I just fell over!”  Also added: “Anything with Arte Moreno is a possibility.” 
  • “...this guy is always trying to make the team better...I’m a believer now!” 
  • “I look up to that guy, I love that guy, I’ll do anything for him.”
  • “Pujols is a game changer, he changes the whole lineup, he makes everyone better.”

  • Octavio Dotel signs a 1 year deal with Detroit for $3.5 million.  How is it that people think this guy is good?


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