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Saturday, October 22, 2016

This is it

"There've been times in my life
I've been wondering why.
Still, somehow I believe, we'd always survive..."

I don't think there's been a season ever like this Dodger 2016 season has been.  A team that was down and out, 8 games in the standings, with their ace shelved for what looked to be the rest of the season.   A ball club with extreme weaknesses against left handed pitching and a lack of dependable starting pitchers that could go deep into games.  It looked like the season was doomed.

It was a time to soul search and dig deep inside, and these guys did it. The date was June 26th and the Dodgers had just been swept in Pittsburgh.  They had a 41-36 record while the Giants were playing phenominally, with the 2nd best record in baseball at 49-24, a mere 1/2 game less than the Cubs record.

"Are you gonna wait for a sign?  You're miracle,
Stand up and fight!"

There was no team meeting.  No panic.  The guys dug deep and started winning.  Winning a lot in fact, to the tune of 50-35 for the remainder of the season.

So with their backs to the wall facing elimination, and no place to go, the Dodgers send their ace to the mound again. Kershaw has yet to participate in a losing effort this post season.  In fact, with the exception of Rich Hill's win in game three of this NLCS, the ONLY Dodger wins in the post season have had Kershaw's signature in them.  That is a good sign for tonight's contest.  Clayton Kershaw on full rest.

"The waiting is over, no where to hide,
No time for wondering why.
It's here, the moment is know, about to decide.
Let 'em believe.
Leave 'em behind.
But keep me near in your heart,
Know whatever you do, I'm here by your side."

The Dodgers entire Wrigley where 40,000+ fans and an entire nation of Cubs bandwagoners rooting for a Dodger defeat.  But there is that almost tangible pressure that the Cubs will be facing.  It's called history.  It's called failure.  It has lingered with them for over a hundred years.  Sure, if they weren't facing the Dodgers, I'd root for them.  But they aren't.

I'm in the cafeteria in the U.S. Embassy in Argentina and the topic of conversation is the Cubs.  Here on the opposite side of the planet.  "The Cubs are finally going to do it," people say.  "They've never been this close."  Oh, how easy it is to forget.  1984, 1989, 2003, 2015.  I know there are other heartbreak sasons, those just come to mind.  So many times on the verge of a World Series birth, only to fall short and suffer more heart break.

With a Dodger lead, that crowd will be silenced.  Hands in faces.  Shock and disbelief.  We've seen it a number of times.  I can picture it tonight.  A Kershaw win, and game seven pressure that will be difficult to overcome.

"Make no mistake where you are,
(This is it)
Your back's to the corner
(This is it)
Until it's over and done
(This is it)
One way or another
(This is it)"

This is it.  Dodger take the series in seven games.

(Words and Music to "This Is It" by Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, 1979)

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