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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What a Difference Two Games Make

A few random bullet points with regard to the current Dodger-Giant series:

  • While Puig was in his fifth at-bat during his historic "Triple-Triple" performance on Friday night, Giants fans could be audibly heard chanting "Home Run Derby" during his at-bat.  I have no doubt that they would still have been chanting that if he had a four homer game.
  • It's only two games, but the Dodger dominance in them so far has really shown that with Kershaw and Greinke on the mound, given a small lead, this team can absolutely thrash a ball club in a short series.  If Mattingly is able to line up his pitching for the playoffs, the Dodgers could really go far.
  • An aggregate score of 13-1 in these two games has got to have Giant fans worried.  Did they just waken a sleeping giant?  (Absolutely no pun intended).
  • After watching the Dodgers personally in Pittsburgh on Wednesday and then these two games, there is no question that the insertion of Puig and Hanley in the lineup has made a mountain of difference.  On Wednesday it was get-away day and players like Rojas and  Butera were in the lineup.  These past two games, the guys have brought their playoff swagger into San Francisco.  The chemistry difference is almost palpable.
  • San Francisco's recent acquisitions of a .160 hitter (Uggla) and a 1-9, 4.72 pitcher (Peavy) to bolster their pennant race run, doesn't strike me as being improvements.  We all know Peavy brings his "A" game against the Dodgers, (and he did last season for Boston at Dodger Stadium), but for some reason, I don't see this move as something that will change the Giants fortunes.
  • Kershaw now has a lifetime record of 12-6, with a 1.41 ERA against San Francisco.  How in the world did he lose six games?
    (photo by Beck Diefenbach/AP)
  • Speaking of Kershaw, he's on a run that will match up with any great pitcher historically.  He's bringing no-hit stuff to the game for every turn in the rotation.  Now his record is 12-2, 1.76 ERA.   In his last 10 starts Kershaw is 9-0 and he's surrounded 8 earned runs in those 10 games, spanning 77 innings.  In those 77 innings he has struck out 105 batters.  His ERA has lowered a full run and three quarters.  He is league leader in winning %, strikeouts per nine innings, ERA, fewest walks per nine innings, WAR for pitchers, complete games,  and shutouts.  Clayton Kershaw is the greatest pitcher on the planet.
  • The seagull problem at AT&T Park has reached almost uncontrollable proportions.  And they are getting bolder and bolder as time passes.  
  • What a difference two games make.  As good as things are going, if the Dodgers fail to sweep tonight, how many would be happy with 2 out of 3 in San Francisco?  At the start of this series, many doom and gloom fans were simply hoping for one victory in the series to avoid getting buried.  Now it's go for the jugular or bust.

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