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Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's a Cruel, Cruel Game

Today's announcement that Carl Crawford has been reinstated to the Dodger major league roster and as a result, Clint Robinson has been designated for assignment is proof again that baseball is right up there as one of the cruelest sports.

Robinson has done everything asked of him.  A remarkable spring training.  A game winning RBI in his forth  Dodger at bat, providing the lone run in the Dodgers 1-0 win over Cleveland on June 30th. Five days later he had another key pinch hit RBI against Colorado.  He was hitting .333 over 9 at bats.  Clint is caught up in a numbers game, and as a result, he finds himself sitting for ten days, perhaps claimed by another club, or remaining unclaimed and returning to Albuquerque by the Dodgers.
Clint Robinson singles in the game winning run against Cleveland on June 30th, in the Dodgers 1-0 win. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

This 29-year old rookie has paid his minor league dues with 3,670 plate appearances over eight  seasons, and he's certainly is deserving of a roster spot.  He has always hit, as his .302 career minor league average and .380 OBP attest to.  He hits the ball out of the park, with 137 minor league homers to his credit.  Certainly there should be a place for this young man in the organization.

It's just a shame that he's now gone.  He was one of the feel good stories of the season in my opinion.  A tireless worker and a man that we would hope would get a chance to prove himself, even in the tough role as a pinch hitter and backup to Adrian Gonzalez.  He accepted his plight and he performed in the few opportunities in which he appeared

There's no easy answer to his situation.  But it's unfair.  He got that taste of the show.  A few nights in the 5 star hotels.  An experience of the per diem and the major-league spreads.  There was the taste of a major league pennant race and then an experience of the camaraderie with the stars of the era and then "poof," it's over.

I got a kick out of reading the story that Robinson was invited out to dinner with Kemp and a few other players and he was sweating out the steak dinner bill that would possibly come his way, because his wife would be upset if he had to shell out the cash for such a meal.  To his relief, Matt picked up the tab.  

It's a sad plight for the border-line guys, trying with all their might to make it to the show.  As a prospect with a top tier team like Los Angeles, the chances of landing a 25 man roster spot are even more difficult.  If Clint gets snatched up by another major league club, I say "good for him."  He deserves that opportunity to earn a living and make the big money to support his family.  If he isn't picked up and the Dodgers are able to keep him in the organization, then "good for us," because Clint Robinson is a quality player and by all appearances I have seen...a good man too.

Good luck Clint.  You deserved a much better hand than what you were dealt.

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