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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

UPDATE: Correction on the State of Construction at Dodger Stadium

About a week ago, I reported that the Left Field Pavilion would be opened up to the remainder of the Stadium.  I received word over the weekend that my information was probably wrong and today, John Weisman's report at Dodger Insider (LINKED HERE),  included a fairly detailed interview Dodger Senior Vice President of Planning and Development, Janet Marie Smith.  She gave a clear explanation of the construction beyond the pavilions.  

I was completely wrong, the Left and Right Pavilions will continue to be segregated from the remainder of the Stadium.  Bullpen overhangs are being built with graded seating from the Field Level.  There will be a lot of concourse walking space and concessions.  To the rear of the Pavilions will be restaurants, team gift shops and seating areas with the Right Field side having a Tommy Lasorda themed Italian restaurant.

So with regard to the entire article mentioned above, as Emily Litella used to say: "Never mind."

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