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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Blog Will Be Inactive For a Few Weeks (explanation below)…But Don't Worry, "Dodgers Insider" Debuts on January 6th!

Happy 2014 OKP readers!  

As we roll in this new year we are about to be introduced to the Dodger blog of all Blogs on Monday as the newest Dodger hire, Jon Weisman (of DodgerThoughts.com), takes his talent to the organization as Director of Digital and Print Content.  This is an exciting move that is sure to bring all of us Dodger fans and Dodger blog followers many, many hours of enjoyment.  I can only imagine the product that Jon will put out now that he’ll have complete and full access to the Dodger clubhouse being within the organizational structure.  They couldn’t have found a more worthy hire.  

Jon is not only a great writer with decades of experience, but he’s innovative and cutting edge.  Jon Weisman is the man that started the Dodger blogging craze and as the pioneer, he has never waivered at providing us with the best material out there.  Even when he went on hiatus for a little while, the stuff he would post was still of top quality.   If you haven’t purchased  Jon’s 100 Things Dodger Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die, go to THIS LINK and order the book now.  It’s winter time for heaven’s sake.  You know you have plenty of time to read it, and you won’t be able to put it down once you do, so it’s an easy one-day read.  

I have no doubt that Jon Weisman will bring ideas to the Dodgers that will make their monthly magazine, social media, and blog so professional that they’ll be the envy of the rest of major league baseball.

If you really think about it.  Jon’s position may be one of the most important in the organization when it comes to the Dodgers marketing the club and bringing in future generations of fans.  I know that winning plays a big role in that, but twitter, facebook, blogs, electric, social and print media...they are the sources that we will seek out.  Who better to select for the job than a man that not only knows the club and its history, (and we can’t forget that Dodger historian Mark Langill will be working with him), but he’s an award winning writer.  Then we can add that he’s a proponent of the modern way to look at the game through saber metrics.  Heck, he educated a lot of us on that.

Seriously I think the we are going to see some great stuff come out and perhaps fans will be educated little by little in the nuances of the modern game.  I think one of the great things about DodgerThoughts.com was that a lot of us were educated by Jon, who would discuss Bill James’ theories and such.  What followed were great posts from his readers and an onslaught of “Dodger Thought” that was not only very intelligent, but thought provoking as well.  I know that it changed my way of thinking about the game.  So many off-shoots have since created blogs and we owe all of that to Jon.  He fomented the movement.

With that said, speaking of Dodger blogs, and this one in particular.  I must announce that I will be on a work assignment in Washington, D.C. after this weekend that will seriously hamper my ability to post new material to this site for about two weeks.  From what I know so far, I will have virtually no spare time to write anything “Dodger related” for those 15-16 days or so.  I'll be writing, but it won't be about baseball, and it won't be for public consumption either.  
Leaving for DC on Sunday night, 50% chance of snow, 11 degrees is the forecast.  Getting cold just thinking about it.

This is the first “sabbatical” I have been forced to take since starting Opinion of Kingman’s Performance, so I just wanted to get that information out there to those faithful followers that I’m not going away...at least not permanently.  I should be back in action by the weekend of January 18th.  By then I will have returned to California and should be completely thawed out.

Meanwhile, check out the blogroll on this site and read Dodger updates from other bloggers and don’t forget the debut of “Dodger Insider” over at the Dodgers MLB website on Monday, January 6th.   That place is going to be the best source of information for years to come.  The rest of us?  Well, you can stop in and check on out opinions and tidbits for some entertainment.  Or maybe a chuckle every now and then.

Oh, and congratulations Jon on your "dream job."  It certainly is well deserved.  Thank you for supporting this site over the years with that occasional link over at DodgerThoughts too.


  1. Enjoy the break Evan. That is, giving your site a rest. Sorry I can't help but I am not able to take on any more writing ventures.

    Washington, DC and SF have about the same latitude so winter should be the about the same. LOL.

  2. Best of LUCK in DC, we look forward to your return !!