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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Random Dodger Thoughts for a Sunday Morning...

Have the visa issues with Alexander Guerrero been resolved yet?
With all the money the Dodgers are spending on player payroll, don't you think they could shell out $200-250 grand to put a top notch immigration attorney on staff to ensure that all the foreign players, (i.e. Alexander Guerrero), have their documents in order?  I find it incomprehensible that the organization has not done so and that there are delays in Guerrero's legal working permit.  The procedures are a bit cumbersome, so certainly the Guggenheim group can afford to shell out money to ensure that all of their foreign players documents are in order.  There's simply too much money on the line to have a key signee waiting for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and their bureaucratic web to approve working permits.


It'll be interesting to see if rumors are true and the Chicago Cubs or New York Yankees are willing to outbid the Dodgers for Tanaka.  There is a number that the Dodgers have to consider too excessive for Tanaka.  The question is if the Cubs or Yanks will surpass it?  Also, is Tanaka's desire to live on the West Coast strong enough to allow him to take a lessor offer from Los Angeles in order to keep his wife happy?  We have read the rumors about his wife and her desire to take up acting in Los Angeles.  Hopefully there's some truth to those rumors.


Arbitration figures submitted for both A.J. Ellis and Kenley Jansen are as follows:

Ellis asked for $4.6 million and the Dodgers countered with $3 million.
Jansen asked for $5.05 million and the Dodgers countered with $3.5 million.

Ryu and Jansen work out at Dodger Stadium on Friday. Jan. 17th.

Midpoints would be $3.8 for Ellis and $4.27 for Jansen.  Both the midpoint figures sound about right and the Dodgers certainly don't want to create hard feelings and go to their first arbitration hearing since Joe Beimel in 2007.  There are a few weeks to iron things out as arbitration settlements will be scheduled starting February 1st.

Then again, if the Dodgers want to play hardball, they could conceivably win in the A.J. Ellis situation as he's asking for twice his 2013 salary and after having what most would consider a lackluster season.  For a team with gobs of money, it's seems rather trivial to fight over a few hundred thousand dollars, but we'll see.


All this whining about the Dodger ownership paying and paying and how things are unfair with the salary structure in MLB reeks of hypocrisy.  Where were those whiners when McCourt was allowing the Dodgers to let the payroll sink even lower than division foe San Francisco and National League opponents like the Mets, Braves, Cardinals and Cubs?  There wasn't much complaint about the Dodger payroll then.  Nevertheless, the criticism will continue from those jealous fans of Dodger opponents who only wish they had ownership with 1/2 the commitment of the Guggenheim partners.

If you thought things were bad after the Kershaw contract was announced, just wait until you see the backlash of they sign Tanaka.  After Tanaka, there's one more thing for ownership to accomplish and that's signing Hanley Ramirez beyond 2014.  It should be done before spring training.



  1. I must admit I am a bit concerned about Guerrero. As a bit of an unknown he is definitely a risk at age 27. However better than a 34 year old risk. I was surprised he has visa issues. Surely the team learned something after the Belisario issues.
    Also his injury issues are a concern but may be due to just getting into the swing of things again.

  2. I wasn't aware of any VISA issues, guess I missed that one. But I would agree that given all of the foreign players associated with this team and all of baseball I would think MLB would have some sort of central clearing office to make things consistent.