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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Guest Post at ThinkBlueLA.com on Candlestick and its Impending Doom

(1999 photograph by Eric Risberg/Associated Press)
After Monday Night's 49ers game, Candlestick Park's only future will be that of an implosion and demolition.  Feel free to read my guess post over at www.thinkbluela.com

There's a real interesting youtube video that show's Don Sutton toss his 50th career shutout at Candlestick in 1979.  Homers by Cey, Derrel Thomas, Lopes and Mickey Hatcher too.  It's great fun looking back at what Dodger telecasts used to be like in the late 1970s.

I would post the youtube link, but there's probably a copyright infringement issue with it.  So with that I'll just say, if you go to youtube and punch in  08-10-1979 Dodgers at San Francisco Giants, you can watch it.

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