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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Most Important Week in Los Angeles Dodgers History

As we bounce around the banter about the latest injuries, the season predictions, who makes the roster, the starting rotation, the lineups and batting order that should be in place, a far more important decision is about to occur.  The future of the Los Angeles Dodgers is in the balance.  Five days from today, a decision should be made with regard to who the new owner will be.  I believe it is safe to say that this will be the most important decision in L.A. Dodger history.  The scary part is that Frank McCourt, a man that we have seen destroy the franchise, is the one to make the decision.

Steve Cohen may be the front-runner in the battle for ownership of the Dodgers
 A week from today we just may be giddy over having the most wealthy owner in MLB.  A  man that promises to upgrade Dodger Stadium and spend liberally on upgrading the fans experience at Chavez Ravine.  An owner that will own the club outright by paying in the neighborhood of $2 billion in cash.  We might be looking at Tony LaRussa entering through the administrative office doors and a housecleaning of the front office staff.

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke also owns Arsenal of the English Premier League
A week from today we may have an owner that is in a pickle with the NFL and who might be forced to unload the Rams to own the club.  A man that may spark even more controversy in the franchise as the speculation will surface over the the Dodger Stadium parking lots, building an NFL Stadium in them and the dealing with the NFL after two other L.A. Stadium proposals have already been put on the table at other Southland locations.

Magic Johnson, a popular choice
A week from today we may be welcoming L.A. favorite son and new Dodger owners Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten  We could be examining the finances of his ownership group and questioning if the team is owned by an entity like a teacher’s union.  What few people are aware of is who the other players in this ownership group are.  There is a non-disclosure agreement in place, so the financing of this group may be more secure than originally thought.  We will hear the excitement of Magic and his ideas to turn the franchise into a championship team again.  Positivity will probably be in the forefront of a Magic ownership.
Apparently it is tomorrow (March 27) when MLB ownership gives the blessing on the finances of these final three groups.  It’ll be Saturday when McCourt makes his final decision.  These are the things that should be weighing on Frank McCourt’s mind.
First, receiving a quick cash payment must be in his interest.  To pay off all his debt and his wife by April 30th.  Speculation is that he owes as much as $1.1 billion, much more than earlier beleived.  Sure, every proposal will get him the funds, but the non-complicated nature of a Cohen purchase is an advantage for the hedge fund guru.
Second, the parking lots.  McCourt really wants to hang on to those things.  He has made a living using land as parking lots and cashing in on a low maintenance cash cow holding.  Add to that the equity he’ll have in the lots and the possibility of getting a piece of an NFL team pie (i.e. the Rams) from Kroenke just might move that bid to the forefront to McCourt.
Third, if McCourt is true to his word that he truly cares about Los Angeles, he may award the team to the Magic Johnson’s group.  It would be a historic ownership group that would be popular to L.A. fans who love the NBA legend.  Imagine that, the Dodgers, pioneers in breaking the color barrier with Jackie Robinson would continue in that pioneering spirit with Magic Johnson being the first African American owner in MLB.
Whoever gets the team, I can only hope that they are dedicated to putting a winner on the field and making the Dodger Stadium fan experience the best in Major League Baseball.  This 24 year World Championship drought has simply been too long.  
The tumlutous story of former Padres 2004 first round draft pick Matt Bush gets even more tragic.  His saga is detailed in Jeff Passan's article today for Yahoo Sports.  Bush has thrown away a career and possibly his life of freedom in the process.

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