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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enough About Dodger Stadium Naming Rights

While so many are in an outrage over the possibility that the new owner of the Dodgers may sell Dodger Stadium naming rights, I must say that I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner.  In fact, I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it would eventually happen.  Heck, had a corporate sponsorship landed us a CC Sabathia, the place could have been re-named "Victoria’s Secret Field" as far as I’m concerned.  Frank McCourt didn’t back off from plastering Dodger Stadium with corporate logos all over the place, and to his credit, he held off on renaming Dodger Stadium, something that might have helped him alleviate some of that financial strain.
Dodger Stadium's outfield walls once were void of advertising.  Those days are long gone.
It is what it is.  Corporate sponsorship feeds the coffers of the game.  There was a period when baseball cleaned up the stadiums and kept corporate logos to a minimum, but those days are gone.  The almighty dollar has prevailed.  If it enhances the financial standing of the game, I’m for it.   Dodger Stadium will always be Dodger Stadium, no matter what it is formally called.
Look back at the old fashionable ballparks pre-1960s.  Corporate sponsorship played a big role.  Fact is, the personality of Ebbets Field was enhanced by the Abe Stark “hit me, win a suit” sign, the Bulova Watch and Gem Razer signs, the Schaefer Beer scoreboard and the gobs of advertising on the outfield walls.

While many contemplate which corporate name would fit well, let me throw this out:  “Blue Diamond Almonds.”  I have no idea if that would be a corporate match for the Dodgers, but could there be a better corporate name fit for Dodger Stadium? 
  This is the best idea I've had since everyone ignored the suggestion I tossed out last year that the Dodgers replace the "Don't Stop Believing" 8th inning song with Count Basie's "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball." LINKED HERE


  1. How about Viagra Stadium - Home of the Little Blue Pill - haha (just kidding, of course).

  2. Evan , living so far away and contributing nothing to the financing of the Dodgers, I probably am not entitled to an opinion. However, that hasn't stopped me before.

    It is my understanding that if Steven Cohen wins the bidding war, the team may well be financed with private dollars which would be very unusual these days. If that is the case, corporate dollars may not be needed to make this team financially secure, because of the resources of the owner, especially with TV rights on the horizon. I don't mind the corporate signs around a field. I prefer they not be there but it isn't a big issue. The stadium name is as it is repeated over and over on sports news shows, in newspapers, in magazines, etc. People all over the country hear Dodger Stadium, over and over.

    I would not be outraged if the Stadium took on a corporate name, but would be extremely disappointed. It would be one more bit of Dodger uniqueness gone. I felt the same when Dodgertown died as our ST venue. Another bit of history, and yes, America gone, as the song goes. I simply want to hear forever,"... the next three games of the WS will be played at Dodger Stadium." Changing the name would be akin to changing the style of the home uniform, the greatest of all, IMO.

    There are only about six or stadiums that include the team name now. Let's always be one.

  3. Ron and Harold, thanks for the comments. I can't believe that I failed to properly edit the post and that you got to read it twice. Ugh! Results of writing it after working 18+ hours straight.

    Ron, "Viagra Field" - I like it!

    Harold, I think we all agree that the Dodgers are one of those traditional elite franchises and that part of their allure is that they haven't sold out their Stadium name to some corporate sponsor. I understand those that are emotionally tied to the Stadium name remaining as Dodger Stadium. I guess I just have accepted the fact that the game has changed in this sense and I can live with it.

  4. When it comes to 'naming rights' I'm strickly against it, unless it's for a brand new stadium. I'm a traditionalist, when it comes to change. I only hope the new owners have enough money that they don't have to do it. This could help an owner but only if it's necessary. I feared this could happen when other teams did it, but I repeat I hope it doesn't happen.

  5. Evan - I am one of those, perhaps one of the few, that would love for "Dodgers" to be on the front of the away uniform as it was for a few years. That is, as in the picture to the left with Tommy venting. Atta boy Tommy.