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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who would you want sitting beside you in the foxhole?

Last night’s good old fashioned rhubarb reminded me of what a @%$# Kirk Gibson can actually be and how it’s good to have a @%$# on your side.  Wow, that man is intense and he still has that fire in his belly, all these years after his playing career has ended.
What few people are mentioning were the gestures from Gerardo Parra after the inside pitch that he took so much offense to.  Here is the sequence that I photographed from my TV that showed the Arizona Fox telecast.
Parra squares to bunt and a wild Kuo comes up an in on him.
Now, first off.  Kuo was wild.  Even the Diamondback announcers (Sutton and Grace) acknowledged that Kuo wasn't throwing at Parra on that first pitch.  It got away from him as so many pitches have this season.  Parra overreacted and should have realized that Kuo didn't want to lose him with 2 out and none on in the 7th inning.  Perhaps that was the fuel Parra needed to get his juices going.
Then Parra proceeds to initiate these two gestures.  1st, he licks his lips and then.

He does the Michael Jackson crotch grab.
I don’t need a class in cross cultural communications to understand the message he was sending to Kuo, who if he had noticed, would now at least have a reason to REALLY put a pitch in his ear.

So four pitches later, we all know that Parra deposits a pitch in the right field pavilion.  He admired the homer from home plate for about 2 1/2 minutes, before starting his home run trot.  A.J. Ellis takes offense and has a few choice words for Parra.

Tonight's starter Clayton Kershaw takes offense and goes ape in the dugout.

Manager Kirk Gibson was not happy and he responded.

Now my question is, who would you want coming to your defense?  Gibby? Kershaw? Ellis?  The whole episode made good theatre last night, even though the Dodgers were on the losing end when the game finsihed.  I can't help but wish we had that fierce Gibson displaying that intense personality in the Dodger dugout.

I can't wait for tonight's story to unfold.  It should be very interesting.

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