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Friday, October 3, 2014

Welcome to "Nervous Time"

I know this is what we live all season for.  It's post season play.  We're supposed to be happy with that, but I never have enjoyed this.  The playoffs are torture.  The emotions go through a myriad of scenarios that usually are excruciatingly painful.

Tommy Lasorda said it best when he stated that losses will grate you for hours on end, and the euphoria of victory only lasts a fleeting moment, and it then wears off in a few minutes.  You can't enjoy a win because you immediately start worrying about the next game.  The only time you truly savor a victory and wear it for months on end is when it's the 4th win of a World Series matchup.

A passionate Lasorda always was out there fighting for his ball club.

Now take all of that tension and nervousness and amplify if by about one hundred times and you have post-season play.

Last year I wrote about the disease of "Dodgermania" over at www.ThinkBlueLA.com (LINKED HERE), and things haven't changed.  The symptoms get worse as another season goes by without a World Championship trophy not being added to the mantle.  I'm sick of the torture.  I'm pretty sure I don't deserve it and neither do the millions of us that follow this ball club 24/7/365.

Dodger fans are owed a World Championship.  We've put up with the Fox group and the McCourts.  We've endured torturous managerial decisions by the likes of Liddle, Tracy, Davey Johnson, Torre and the ever present Mattingly.  We watched the Bonds pirouettes and Caminiti steroid enhanced heroics. We dealt with asinine front office decisions that robbed us of Piazza and Konerko, and brought us players like Jayson Phillips and Brian Jordan, all the while ignoring the likes of available stars like the prime years of Randy Johnson and Vlad Guerrero.

We've watched the hated one win two championships.  We've seen other division foes go to the Fall Classic while we watch it all.  The Gnats (four times), Padres (twice), D-Backs and Rockies (once each).  Three World Championships by those division opponents and we never even scratched the surface of a fall classic.

The 1981 World Series Championship was 33 years ago.

We see our ball club bullied out of a championship by bean balls (see Cardninals in 2013 and Phillies in 2009) while we sat back meekly and didn't even attempt to retaliate.  We watched Dodgers such as Chris Gwynn, Ramon Martinez, Corky Guerrero and Mike Maddux labor in Dodger uniforms while their more famous brothers excelled for the likes of the Padres, Expos, Red Sox and Braves.

Being a Dodger fan hasn't been easy.  We've had our share of miracles, but not World Series miracles.  Heck, if it wasn't for the Cubs, we'd be the laughing stock of the National League.

So the time is now.  Second place won't suffice.  A National League pennant isn't enough, (though it'd be a start).  Truth is, they've got to win the whole thing. Kershaw and Greinke must dominate.  Puig, AGon, Hanley and Kemp...they've got to tear the cover off the ball.  Dee...how about stealing every bag you see.  Jansen...relief corps domination is needed now.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!!!  It's the playoffs.  They've got to bring it and show the world that the Dodger way must dominate again.  This patient lot of millions certainly deserves it more than any fan base watching the playoffs right now.

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