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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Up-coming Idle days in Schedule Should Allow Dodgers to Optimize Starting Rotation Order

The Dodgers have a rarity of two off-days this coming week, and three days off in the coming nine days.  This creates a unique opportunity to break-up the back-to-back Greinke/Kershaw starts without having either one of them losing a start.  Additionally a juggling of the rotation order can set up the home series against the Giants in two weeks, with both Greinke and Keshaw facing them.  Without a shuffle in the rotation, the Dodgers would play their three against San Fancisco with Latos, Wood and Anderson on the hill.

The approaching schedule is as follows:
Today, August 16: Reds (Greinke)
August 17: Offday
August 18: @ Oakland (Kershaw)
August 19: @ Oakland (Latos)
August 20: Off day
August 21: @ Houston (replace Wood with GREINKE)
August 22: @ Houston (Anderson with 7 days of rest)
August 23: @ Houston (replace Wood with KERSHAW)
August 24: Off day
August 25: @ Cincinnati (Wood with 10 days of rest)
August 26: @ Cincinnati (GREINKE)
August 27: @ Cincinnati (Latos with 8 days of rest)
August 28: Cubs (KERSHAW)
August 29: Cubs (Anderson with 7 days of rest)
August 30: Cubs (Wood)
August 31: Giants (GREINKE)
September 1: Giants (Latos)
September 2: Giants (KERSHAW)

Aside from setting up the starting staff to the most advantageous match-ups for the team, this also grants much needed extra days of rest for Wood, Anderson and Latos.   It makes perfect sense and I would hope that the decision makers would give these changes serious consideration.


Kike Hernandez is that rare gem that unexpectedly may be the key acquisition in the off-season trade with Miami.  He brings enthusiasm combined with versatility and a glove that can competently play 5 defensive positions.  I call him the modern day Derrell Thomas, but with a better bat.

Hernandez's three-run clout in last night's game was nearly hit out of the LF Pavilion.  The blast was shocking, not because he homered, but because of the distance the ball travelled.  ESPN tracked it's distance as as 433 feet.   I'm not sure how accurate that measurement was, but there's no doubt it was tattooed.

The Dodger's 8-3 win last night showed a return of the home run, as 5 were hit by both teams on a hot August L.A. night.  Something I would expect to continue in today's afternoon contest in the sweltering heat.

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