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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Best Medicine Around...

Okay, I've been sick.  About as under the weather I have felt in years.  The OKP blog has been stagnant now for 14 days as I have traversed the continent on training assignments and as I write these words, I'm sitting in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn in Cordoba, Argentina, preparing for a weeks worth of class material to be given to Argentinian Customs officers.

Cordoba, Argentina
Work has kept me from the blog, which was something I advised readers of back in April.  Things haven't changed either, as the Dodgers are gearing up for what may be their most exciting post season in years, I'm trotting the globe and preparing lesson plans as I never had before.

So I caught some type of bug in Bogota, Colombia last Thursday, the day that I departed that country.  Three consecutive nights I have tossed and turned with chills, fever, sweats, no appetite and constant other issues that I'd rather not discuss.  Such is the life for an international traveler, and I don't even finish this South American Journey until September 26th.

But you know what the best medicine is for the symptoms I described above?

How about 17-0 and 4-2?  How about a lead at 3.0?  Or a Magic number of 11.  Yeah, those are the antidotes for the worst case of Montezuma's Revenge that I've ever felt.

Yes, taking down the Giants in their home yard allowed me to forget all the misery of the last few days and for a few precious moments I could savor sweet Dodger fruits of victory a full 6,082 miles from the site due to the magic of MLB.com.

Scott Van Slyke rounds third after homering in Saturday night's action, a 17-0 win over San Francisco.

The hoots and hollers from the gringo in room 109 came from me.  As I walked through the hotel and saw others in the lobby bar gathered around a plasma with soccer on it, I came to realize that I just may be the only person in this city of a million plus that even cared about the Dodgers/Giants.  I'm sitting here at the foot of the Andes, 6,000 miles from home.  Weak from exhaustion, sick and thin as a rail with a big freaking smile on my face.

Thank you Dodgers.  Thank you for healing this ailing traveler.

Man, baseball can be so awesome!

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