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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This Strange Team That Can't Win At Home

If you had told me on April 1st that a little over two months into the season, the Dodgers would have an 18-11 record on the road, I probably would have said they would be way on their way to another NL West title.

So here we are, June 4th, and the Dodgers stand at 18-11 on the road, and they're 7 games out of first place for one simple unfathomable reason, THEY CAN"T WIN AT HOME.

This is a trend that I keep expecting them to reverse each time they return from a road trip, and they prove me wrong every time.  I never thought I'd ever say this, but I actually look forward to their road trips.

There are times during the season when a ball club will hit a rough patch at home and a road trip will do them good.  Such is the case with the Dodgers at the conclusion of every home stand and this is getting tiring.  Here we are, a little over a month away from the All Star break, and the Dodgers are showing no signs of breaking out of this.  The teases are there, like that 12 run outburst against Pittsburgh the other day, but then they revert to their old selves and runs can't be scored.

When your team sports the NL Player of the month, and you can't cash in...there are problems.  When you have stellar pitching performances by Greinke, Beckett, Kershaw and even Haren for a good 3-4 weeks and you lose ground in the standings, well that's a serious problem.  When you have a player that can steal bases at the drop of the hat, but you still leave him stranded on the paths, well, the result tends to be losses.

The only thing consistent with this team is their inconsistency.  I wrote a little over a week ago that a good  nine or ten win home stand will turn the season around.  I still believe that, but don't see it in these guys.  But things can turn, and about 365 days ago we were all saying the same thing about the Dodgers and their inability to string three wins together.  Next thing we knew they won 42 out of 50.

That was a historic run.  So historic that I highly doubt we'll ever see it again.  So don't go expecting a 42-8 rescue of the season because it isn't going to happen.  Right now I'll take a 6-4 home stand.  Heck, even a .500 one would look good at this point.

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