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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MLB Network Dedicating A LOT of time to the Dodgers

These are tough times for a Dodger blogger that can't make it to Camelback Ranch.    It's absolutely killing me that i'm not there and Feb. 25th (the day I'll actually get there) can't come soon enough.   Pitchers and catchers have reported.  There’s news from Arizona, but I receive it second hand, just like everyone else.  We read of Beckett’s optimism,  Billingsley’s positive reports, Maholm’s arrival and Puig and Kemps’ batting practices.

The Pecota computer rankings predict that the Dodgers will win 98 games.  MLB Network’s Aaron Boone today on San Francisco radio took  a lot of heat by not backing off and predicting that the Dodgers will run away with the division, (and the Giants will finish in the middle of the pack).
McGwire, Kemp and Puig immediately following CBR workout (photo courtesy of Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers)

Speaking of MLB Network, the MLB Tonight broadcast dedicated much of it’s program to the Dodgers.  After highlighting the Masahiro Tanaka New York press conference in the first segment of their show, the Dodgers took over.  Footage of Kershaw, Greinke, Beckett, Puig and Kemp was followed by an Interviews with Kershaw and a good ten minute segment on Kershaw, his Cy Young season, the CY Award ceremony, his relationship with Koufax, his repertoire of pitches and even a review of the disappointing loss to St. Louis in the NLCS.  Al Leiter and Ron Darling broke apart Kershaw’s progress over the years.

And just when you thought they were done with the Dodgers, an interview with Don Mattingly followed.  I could get used to this.  They even spoke of Joc Pederson.  You’d think the Dodgers were from Boston or New York with all the coverage they are getting. Of course, Ron Darling had to remind us of their weaknesses in the infield, but it wasn’t anything that was not a legitimate concern.  He made a fair assessment.

Oh, I almost forgot.  It was reported that the Dodgers and Kenley Jansen settled on  $4.3 million contract, thus avoiding arbitration.


I must say that I’m intrigued about the news that Dee Gordon has gained 29 pounds.  He’s been so slim his entire career, it’s tough to imagine Dee weighing much more than 150 lbs.  Will the extra bulk bring on added strength to his game?  It’ll be interesting to see how has game has changed.  Going into Spring training at a new position, (second base), it was probably a good idea for him to bulk up.  With runners barreling down on him to break up double plays, he’ll need some extra strength.
Alexander Guerrero working out at 2B (photo courtesy of Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers)

And speaking of bulk, have you seen photos of Alexander Guerrero?  Now that’s a guy that doesn’t need to worry about being strong enough to handle runners trying to knock him into left field.  He’s built like a rock.

Gordon claims that he hasn’t lost any speed.  I guess we’ll see.  As far as Gordon adding strength to increase his slugging numbers, again, only time will tell.   I never imagined that ever being a part of Gordon’s game.  He has been pretty much a slap hitter thus far, and that can work in the majors if one can excel at it, (i.e. Brett Butler), but there are few that master the art well enough to carry their own weight.  Dee Gordon is definitely a player to watch this spring training.


  1. Man I hope Dee gained the weight cleanly. I hate what the Steroid Era did as far as how we look at players that bulk up in the off season.

  2. After todays signing of another Cuban, Erisbel Arruebarruena - SS, Gordon will have to make a very big impression to make this team. It would not surprise me to see him packaged in some kind of trade. Same with Sellers, though he might be the better choice for a bench spot.